Why the “Now” is critical. #business #marketing #entrepreneur #socialmedia

All good habits are replaced with bad ones because of one thing, worry.  Anytime you think about completing some task and worry about the difficulty of that task, you will always try to talk yourself out of it.  This is procrastination, and from where it spawns.  It always seems easier to take the path of least resistance, and therefore you avoid completing said task.  

The cure for this disease; and it is a disease, because it will destroy you.  It will wipe away your progress and completely stop all attraction to the things you desire.  We’ve all seen this in action, we just may not realize it.  For instance, I’ve made a new habit of running 20 minutes on my elliptical daily.  This task seems to be so much harder to do in the evenings when I’ve done so much that day.  Worry tries to take away my persistence and destroy my goals.  This is why you MUST to observe your thinking from a non-biased perspective.  The reason it seems so hard is all in my head.  My thought patterns create worry because it seems so hard.  I’ve noticed that once I’m on the elliptical, 5 minutes goes by, and before I know it, I’ve comleted 20 minutes.  Then I’m like, “What was so hard about that?”. 

This is true for nearly any task in your life.  Just start working on it or start doing it.  I guarantee you it isn’t as bad as your mind may want you to think it is.  Once you start living in the “now” and are doing things and getting things done. You will find the pain you thought you’d experience, simply isn’t there. Resolve today to start toward a new habit.  Something small, something that you have put off because of the pain you felt like you would experience.  

You can attract into your life anything that you want once you start to realize that the pain you felt you’d experience, isn’t there.

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~ by lprevival on January 27, 2010.

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