Vinyl record cleaner makes a comeback – NewsFlash

Vinyl record cleaner makes a comeback

1/29/2010, 10:41 p.m. EST

The Associated Press



By Bob Karlovits

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review


Jan. 29–Television-audio dealer Mark Mawhinney is finding a resurging market for probably the lowest-priced item in his business,

It is his 40-year-old Spin-Clean, a vinyl record-cleaning device that sells for $60.

”Right now, we are behind about 700 units,” says the owner of Northern Audio & Home Theater in Ross. “We can’t keep up.”

Spin-Clean is a narrow, plastic chamber that holds 33-, 45- and 78-rpm records, which are rotated through a bath that takes dirt out and drops it into the container.

”Everything I own is super-clean,” says Nate Lennox, customer service manager of Acoustic Sounds, a Kansas recording specialist that is marketing the device. “It is really accessible for a working person on a budget.”

Spin-Clean’s history in the Mawhinney family goes back to the early ’70s, when Mark Mawhinney’s father bought the rights and molds to the tool from an accessory manufacturer. His father, Paul, was the owner of Record-Rama Sound Archives, a vinyl and compact-disc market that closed in 2008.

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