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A record company with a heart

Posted: 2010-02-12 11:17:20 Last updated: 2010-02-12 11:17:20

This isn’t my story, it’s my beloved’s.

As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve hooked up our record player and are gettin’ all vinyl-ed up.

I’m content to buy old records I’d never heard of for 99 cents at Value Village or other used stores. I get LPs like 20 Country Greats, which feature some down-home good tunes, or classical music I play while reading.

My husband, however, has more refined tastes. His ideal collection would have a lot of classic old albums as well as brand new records put out by today’s artists (which I didn’t even know still happened).

So, somehow an artist named Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson (!!) made it onto his radar. Loved the music. Went to a downtown record shop, where they offered to send away for it from the record company for something like $40. Perhaps my tiny voice saying “sounds expensive” echoed in his head as he politely declined the offer of the record shop, and walked away.

Instead, he contacted Saddle Creek Records, the label that puts out Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson’s stuff and sent out an email asking them if he could order it himself. They promptly responded, said it would cost him $25 (or thereabouts). Boom, he gave them our credit card number, our address, and we waited.

Yesterday, about two weeks after the order, a beautiful record-sized box appeared on our doorstep. It was shiny new record, all wrapped up.

Inside was a hand-written note (!!) thanking Patrick for his purchase, and a couple of pieces of papers showcasing some of Saddle Creek Records’ other artists.

What great customer service! First thing Patrick said was “We have to buy from them again!” This outfit from Omaha, Nebraska, sure gets our vote for best customer service in a long time!

Find their website and maybe order your own piece of great customer service here . And thanks, Saddle Creek Records. You rock!

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