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Heart Is in the Groove: Two More Cool Things About Vinyl Records

Do you know why vinyl records will always rule so much harder than digital files? Of course you do. It’s the smell! But did you know that the stylus on a record player travels a quarter-mile over the course of one side of an LP? Because that’s pretty awesome to think about, too. The video above depicts “Quarter Mile Groove” by Daniel Eatock, an art project that puts the analog in, uh, analog.

The recording translates the length of its vinyl groove into audio allowing listeners to experience the 1/4 mile length of the spiral as the record is played. Every inch of the needle’s path is audible in the form of a click, each foot as a beat and distances of 10 feet are heard as a blip. These sounds gradually slow as the stylus approaches the center, (the stylus travels less distance in the groove with each revolution of the record). Along the way, the voice of the narrator mentions the horizontal dimensions of particular objects.

This one comes via Today and Tomorrow — be sure to check out the photo of the cut-out vinyl strand.

Then there’s this!


It’s a photo of a record groove magnified 1,000 times (yes) by an electron microscope. Check out the whole photo set, and if you have some 3-D glasses lying around, let us know how they look that way. Real music geeks should be able to tell which album this is! Oh, and if you’ve got some photos of your favorite MP3s, send ’em along.

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