New Music Store Is Spinning With Vinyl Records –

New Music Store Is Spinning With Vinyl Records


If you’re a fan of the LP, the long playing record, you have some reason to celebrate. A new store in Baltimore has opened and is selling only vinyl.

Ron Matz
reports on a new trend in the music industry which seems to be going back to the future.

On Frederick Road, the music spins on the turntable at Trax on Wax, a music store where vinyl has become cool again.

Gary Gebler is the brainchild and owner of Trax on Wax.

“People bring me their albums. I put it on CD for them and charge a minimal fee, especially the older generation. I’ve had people bring in hundreds of albums that I’ve burned for them. And they just love it, makes them feel like a kid again,” said Gebler.

The store has a great vibe, with thousands of albums to choose from and the price is right.

“Our regular albums start at $2.99 and go up from there. The average is $3.99 to $4.99 and you can walk out of here with some really good stuff,” said Gebler.

Collector Philip Merrill brought in some of his stuff to sell.

“I have thousands of musicians on my iPod and my laptop so who really needs vinyl except for us old timers that are sentimental and who want to always go down memory lane,” said Merrill.

“The biggest sellers still are the Beatles, Zeppelin, the Stones, the classic rock, that’s our bread and butter,” said Gebler. “You have the extra benefit of having the lyrics, you can look at the cover, it’s an experience.”

Lots of memories for many, but for others it’s something brand new.

“Sales have been really good. I get younger kids, I get older people. They like the vibe of the store, the way it’s laid out and the selection we have. It’s been a real pleasure. I look forward to coming here everyday,” said Gebler.

Of course, for customers buying vinyl, they are going to need something else. Turntables start at $150.

“Vinyl is the only thing that is actually selling in pre-recorded music. With the digital downloads and what not, people want the experience of listening to the music the way it was intended to be listened to,” said Gebler.

Gebler is a former executive of Record and Tape Traders. Sales of vinyl records were up 50 percent across the country last year.

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