Retro To Go: Gama-Go Record Coasters

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Gama-Go Record Coasters


Like vinyl? Like an unmarked coffee table? Then these Gama-Go Record Coasters could be for you.

It’s all about the detail and it has to be – after all, these are just four silicone coasters, machine washable, but still coasters. Saying that, not every set of coasters comes in a box designed like a vintage record deck, nor do they usually look like vintage vinyl records, right down to the flip-oout plastic middle. At least, we presume it flips out.

Not expensive either, with a set retailing for $12. Another image of the coasters ‘in use’ over the page.

Find out more at the Gama-Go website


For more of the same with a contemporary twist, check out our newly-launched Switched On Set website

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