Do You Press Vinyl?

Do You Press Vinyl?

Friday March 5, 2010

What are people who crave cover art and liner notes to do in this iPod age? Buy vinyl, of course. Indeed, it seems that people are shelling out more for vinyl these days, even as they turn their backs that old faithful format, CDs. (Just this once, I will leave out my whole “you have to know your fans – your audience may still be interested in buying CDs” speech.  You know, for the sake of argument.)

This increased interest in vinyl raises a tricky question for smaller indie labels and musicians. Although there is nothing quite like receiving that first vinyl pressing delivery, and increased demand can make it that much easier to justify, that doesn’t negate the fact that even a cheap vinyl pressing can be hard on the old budget.

So, labels and musicians – have you taken the plunge? Why or why not? Have you done a run of vinyl that exceeded your expectations? Or are you sitting there with a stacks of unsold records staring you in the face? Share you stories – and your advice.

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~ by lprevival on March 5, 2010.

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