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Today’s Pop Five: hellsbells53’s favorite vinyl albums

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The Pop Five is a series of Pop Candy readers’ top five lists. Today’s contribution comes from Josh (hellsbells53):

These aren’t the best albums I own (you can see those in another Pop Candy feature), but they are five of the best-looking records in my collection. Vinyl forever!

1. !!!, Heart of Hearts 12-inch single — A picture disc for an excellent single by the “indie-dance” band. The A-side has the band’s name/symbol, and the B-side is some sort of animal. I’m going with sloths.

2. Nirvana, Incesticide — Nirvana’s album of B-sides is a really cool baby (Carolina) blue marbled vinyl. I’ve got a few marbled vinyl discs, but this probably is the best.

3. Black Lips, Disconnection 7-inch single — This is from Sub Pop’s single subscription, all 12 of which are colored vinyl. But this is definitely the most interesting one.

4. Faith No More, Epic single — The only shaped disc I have, this is, of course, is Faith No More’s classic song. “What is it? It’s it.”

5. Prince, Purple Rain 7-inch single — On purple vinyl. Because of course it is.

Send your Pop Five list to with your city and screen name. Look for it on the blog!

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