Miami Music – The Vinyl Collective

You got it on vinyl? Between friends, that question could spark hours of conversation, discussing everything from record digging and detailed liner notes to eccentric store clerks. What kind of nostalgia can you take away from You got it on MP3?

As recent as six years ago, DJs had to lug crates around town and pay excess baggage fees on flights to Winter Music Conference. And although many younger cats can’t relate to calling up labels or grabbing that one gem of a record from among Christmas albums at the back of a dusty shelf, they can still benefit from learning about music culture away from a computer screen. One way to do that is at the Vinyl Collective, a bimonthly event put on by the IAmYourVillain crew at the Standard Hotel, which returns during WMC.

This time around, the gathering will take place over two days and feature wax collectors selling and trading vinyl. The soundtrack will come courtesy of guest DJ sets featuring artists from the Stonesthrow Records roster, as well as some of Miami’s perennial vinyl pushers, including Mr. Brown, Induce, and Tom Laroc. Attendees will receive a limited-edition seven-inch record and gift bags from Wax Poetics and WESC. Plus there will be free shuttle service around South Beach to and from the Standard’s location off the Venetian Causeway. Don’t miss this opportunity to come up on some tunes and interact with a community of like-minded individuals.

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~ by lprevival on March 17, 2010.

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