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Going To Press Vinyl? This Is Where You Need To Turn To!

Vinyl is a phenomenon which gets rarer by the year. There are many labels who turn their back on this once praised music medium and turn to digital distribution. Vinyl might be on its retour with vinyl sales decreasing by the year, when a label presses vinyl however, chances are that your digital sales will increase as well! People that still buy vinyl do it because of the warm sound and the exclusive touch a vinyl has. A big black plate of black plastic just gets me ecstatic, no need for drugs!

Many labels still see the market for this music carrier and neglect the fact that sales are declining by the year. They just keep pressing their releases on vinyl, as it should be! The fact that sales are declining has been the end for many pressing plants throughout the world. Many went out of business, and there are only a few quality pressing plants to be found that keep pressing vinyl. (although they adapted their business model in a way they can manufacture CD’s, DVD’s and other media carriers as well)

There are a few pressing plants I have encountered over the years that deliver quality vinyl records. This article only covers European pressing plants, since it would be mental to press records in Uncle Sam and then ship them to Europe.

One of the very first pressing plants which I used was Breed Media. Breed Media is based in the UK and have been in business since 2007. They offer quite a lot of services such as CD and DVD replication, but I went with vinyl. They offer various shapes and sizes, literally! The regular seven, ten and twelve inch records are no problem, and if you need your vinyl pressed in a square they’re the company to go with. Wait what? Squared vinyl? Yes, Breed Media is a jack of all trades and they offer some very neat services. The question is, do you really need it? Contact with Breed Media was quick, pleasant and they were patient with all of my silly questions. The price is a bit on the high side, but you will get records in return which are completely free of carbon. Which is great, if you are a tree hugging hippie. If you got some cash to spend, definitely go with Breed Media. They deliver quality work, an excellent service and really neat artwork if you request that service.

Another service I used to press some black gold is MPO International. They claim to be the biggest vinyl pressing plant in Europe. (which is false, because I know the largest presser of vinyl is based in the Netherlands) They offer various sorts of services, such as pressing CD’s, DVD’s and supplying packaging. The company might not be the biggest in the industry, but they sure are of decent size! They employ well over 1300 people, and 2008 turnover topped 150 million euro. What was really wicked is that the guy who handled our order was producer and label owner Marcel Janovsky, how cool is that! Seems that MPO employs people that work in the scene and know what a label needs. The price of their pressed vinyls is good, but not excellent. A few of our vinyls were cut quite roughly around the edges. When it comes to artwork MPO offers to create it for you, but they also offer high quality Quark Express files which you can use to create the sticker and sleeve of your record. If you order over 500 copies MPO delivers the records to your door (or distributor) for free. Funny enough they made a mistake while sending our label an invoice, they forgot to calculate shipping costs while we only ordered 300 vinyls.

The third company for pressing vinyls which I recommend is Feiyr. Pressing vinyl is a rather new service which Feiyr offers, and they’re doing a great job! You get to pick from five options, but each of them is twelve inch. If you’re looking for a place to press seven or ten inch records then Feiyr ain’t your pick. The big plus that Feiyr offers is that they will distribute your records as well, so there is no need to find a distributor. Feiyr is owned by Dance All Day which owns and supplies to most of the bigger record shops throughout Europe. The one big issue is the simplicity of the packages they offer. For instance, they offer to press one sided vinyl, but they aren’t providing the option to have a colored sticker with logo and record information. You need to go with the white stickers, else you have to pick a more expensive package which includes pressing for two sides. A neat extra is that Feiyr offers picture disk pressing. You can basically get any image pressed on your record, the big problem is the price of this picture disk: well over 2000 euro for 500 copies. I don’t want 500 picture disks, but unfortunately I can’t go with 300 records since they aren’t offering that package.

So with what pressing plant do you need to go? Beats me, all three of them deliver good quality, it’s just what you need and have in mind for your release. Need 1500 records pressed? Go with MPO, they have a fast turnaround for big quantities. Need something special, such as squared vinyl? Breed Media is the company to go with! Need a small batch of records pressed and need a distributor with that? Go with Feiyr. Whatever you need, these three companies deliver outstanding quality which will satisfy you for sure.

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