Record Store Day Marks Single Largest Number Of Vinyl Purchases Since 1991

davidhall vinyl09 1 23 Record Store Day Marks Single Largest Number Of Vinyl Purchases Since 1991

Despite the fact that nearly the entirety of the recording industry is crumbling in the face of illegal downloading, at least one aspect of the biz is not only holding its own, but continues to thrive in the face of sagging numbers—vinyl record sales, according to Pitchfork.  April 17th of this year marked the annual Record Store Day, in which independent record stores are celebrated with various artists releasing rare/ unreleased material on vinyl.  And according to Neilson Soundscan, 2010’s Record Store Day marked the single biggest day for vinyl sales in the history of Soundscan, which began recording music sales in 1991.

Further, Record Store Day co-founder Michael Kurtz (also of the Music Monitor Network), reports that NYC’s Other Music, Seattle’s Sonic Boom and New Jersey’s Vintage Vinyl all had their most financially successful days ever.  Perhaps there is a glimmer of hope out there for the music biz after all (at least until the inevitable Fall Out Boy reunion).

So what did you score for Record Store Day?  I nabbed a pristine original copy of Nebraska by Bruce Springsteen.  Why, you ask?  Because it’s one of the greatest Boss records of all time, that’s why.

What did you buy for Record Store Day?

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~ by lprevival on May 2, 2010.

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